The food and agriculture organization of united nations (FAO) has donated 12,000 trucks to the drought stricken in the country.

Firstcall cargo limited provided the logistics and transportation of the animal feeds from sigma feeds limited to the county of kajiado.

The FAO country Representative Ms Carla Mucavi came with 4000 bags which was transported by firstcall cargo limited which the Governor joseph ole lenku immediately dispatched to the affected areas. The livestock feeds will benefit pastoralist who have to travel for hundreds of kilometers in search of diminishing pasture.

The situation is very bad our support is in response of meeting between the government and humanitarian organization last month seeking help for hunger stricken families and emaciated animals. Ms Mucavi said

FAO aid for livestock comes only a day after the the county government dispatched relief foods to 20000 families bought through emergency funds.

Governor Ole Lenku said 110,000 families has been mapped as facing starvation by drought management authority.

Most affected areas are in kajiado, West, Central, East and South. Urban dwellers in kitengela , Ongata Rongai and kajiado Town are also suffering from acute foods shortages.

Firstcall cargo limited urges other humanitarian orgarnisation to come to the rescue of the affected families.

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